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Laureate Education Inc.

Design System for Education

At Laureate we created and developed a responsive modular design system, with the intention of encouraging student interaction with the university and improving overall student success. Which in application serviced a multitude of student portals in the Laureate Network worldwide.

Designed, developed, and iterated the new design system entailed conducting user research with members of the particular university staff, alpha and beta releases with test student groups, the intial release of our product, and any following updates or enhancements.

Laureate UoL DashboardLaureate UoL Dashboard MobileLaureate UoL Dashboard
Laureate UoL Dashboard

Modular for optimal flexibility

Our UI design system at Laureate had to be extremely flexible to fit the large variety of universities in the Laureate Network worldwide. The system can support various learning configurations, cultures, and languages.

Laureate Walden Course CardLaureate Wayfinder Course CardLaureate UoL Course Card

Mobile First Design

All portals are designed mobile first so students can access their course content from any device anywhere in the world.

Laureate UoL Dashboard MobileLaureate Walden UniversityLaureate Walden University

Laureate Analytics Portal

I was able to Design and develop the first Laureate analytics portal with dashboards for employees and network universities.

Laureate Learner AnalyticsThe landing pages main function is to drive users to the dashboard. Users will be propted to sign in if they are not already via single sign on.
Laureate Learner AnalyticsThe main dashboard gives the user access to a variety of data. The main data card in the middle displays the users favorite(s), last viewed, and most viewed data. The navigation on the left hand side gives the user access to the rest of the portal.
Laureate Learner AnalyticsThe choose a category page allows the user to select from different specific data categories.
Laureate Learner AnalyticsHere is an example of a user viewing data chosen from the categories page.
Laureate Learner AnalyticsHere is an example of a user viewing a list of the reports conducted to retrieve the data.

Laureate Innovation Work

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Laureate Learner Analytics

Watson Enabled Global Search

Laureate Learner Analytics

Support Chat with Chatbot

Laureate Learner Analytics

Augmented Reality Classroom

Laureate Learner Analytics

Data Driven Registration

Laureate Team Logos

Individual development teams asked me to create logos to help foster a sense of membership and increase their visibility within the organization. Logos are based on fun personal interests, like anime, or the essence of the product they were creating.

Iron Hills Tavern

Resturant Identity Package

Created restaurant branding including logo, color palette, and peripherals that captured the local steel mining history the restaurant is celebrating.

Iron Hills Tavern SymbolIron Hills Tavern SymbolIron Hills Tavern Symbol
Iron Hills Tavern Mock-up

Core Mobile Inc.

Healthcare Technology Startup Web and UI Design.

As part of the larger Core Mobile team, I collaborated closely with the development team and marketing department to improve user experience and application functionality.

Core Mobile LoadingCore Mobile Home ScreenCore Mobile Graph
Core Mobile App Display

Medical Icon Library

Designed a library consisting of hundreds of icons to serve the various needs of the hospitals using our application.

Core Mobile Sterilization IconCore Mobile Vitals IconCore Mobile Radiology IconCore Mobile Primary Care Physician IconCore Mobile Consultations IconCore Mobile Vendor IconCore Mobile Proximity IconCore Mobile Hand Washing IconCore Mobile EMR IconCore Mobile Pain Management IconCore Mobile Physical Therapy IconCore Mobile Stretching Icon

App UI Re-Skin

Applied newly redisigned iconography, and color pallatte to exsisting framework in order to enhance apps current layout.

Core Mobile Home ScreenCore Mobile Home Screen
Core Mobile Sterilization IconThe redesign was extended across multiple screen sizes.

Website Re-Design

Completely redesigned Core Mobile's website using Bootstrap framework.

Core Mobile Website RedesignCore Mobile Landing Page.
Core Mobile Website RedesignCore Mobile Product Page.

Core Mobile Email Advertisement

Core Mobile Holiday Advertisement